Our caring and compassionate veterinary care team!

Rebecca Williamson
Licensed Veterinary Technician

Beka was born in Melbourne, Florida, and moved to South Carolina when she was seven years old. She and her older brother had plenty of chances for animal encounters on their family farm. Beka frequently rode horses, and enjoyed participating in her 4-H chapter’s competitions. After high school, she enrolled in Piedmont Technical College’s Veterinary Technology Program. As part of the program requirements, Beka had to complete several internships, including one with Verdin Veterinary Services. She graduated as Valedictorian of her class. Beka immediately felt at home with this practice and came to work here full time. As a Licensed Veterinary Technician, Beka’s work frequently takes her to various treatment areas. She enjoys assisting in surgery, and especially likes to monitor patients under anesthesia.

Beka and her husband Matthew have two sons. She enjoys helping out regularly at her church and serves as a Volunteer 4-H leader. Beka often hones her cooking and baking talents, and she willingly shares her popular chocolate chip cookies with her friends and coworkers. However, don’t ask her to share the secret family recipe! Animals are still very much a part of Beka’s home life. She often visits her parents’ farm animals, and has also opened her home to two feline family members. Pepper and Snickers are brothers, look almost exactly alike and are full of energy!

Erica Merrill
Customer Care Representative/Veterinary Technician

Erica especially enjoys working with her older clients and their pets. She appreciates the clients’ wisdom and insights. Erica also loves to see the special connection these clients have with their beloved pets.

Growing up in Clinton, South Carolina, Erica was primarily raised by her grandmother, whom she remembers for her delicious Southern cooking. Erica credits her hard-working grandmother for passing on a good work ethic. Once Erica was old enough to work, she took a job to help support her family. When her employer’s business closed, leaving her seeking work, a friend introduced her to Dr. and Mrs. Verdin. In 2006, she joined the team as a veterinary receptionist, but also received hands-on technical training. Erica very much appreciates her cross training, as she’s equally comfortable working in the front office or in the exam rooms. Most importantly, Erica loves building relationships with clients and their pets.  She shares life with her husband, Victor, and their daughter, Viktoria. Erica loves to read, and she also receives great satisfaction from teaching a Sunday School class at her church.  Their family has two dogs: Cooper and Uncle Ruckus. They are a handful but a lot of fun!

Kaitlin Stoddard
Customer Care Representative / Client Communications

Kaitlin’s passion for people shines through in her daily interactions with our clients. She is mostly behind the scenes as our marketing coordinator and client advocate, thriving on helping clients to meet their pets’ needs and finding ways for our practice to reach out to the community. She has taken a hands-on approach to our online presence, website, and Facebook page. Kaitlin enjoys her role as an enthusiastic client ambassador!

Growing up in Simpsonville, South Carolina, Kaitlin was actively involved in several school-based church and Christian organizations, and she also competed in track and cross-country in high school. When Kaitlin joined the veterinary practice, she developed a passion for educating clients about their pets’ health. Kaitlin considers her coworkers like family, and each day is filled with friendly camaraderie! Kaitlin also feels that her work is a ministry, and she has been called to Verdin Veterinary Services to bring joy to others. She and the second love of her life (her Savior, Jesus Christ being the first), Chris, have been married since 2010, and they have three children. She is now working primarily from home, keeping in touch with client needs and organizing special events. She focuses on personal relationships with clients through daily email communication, personal thank you notes, sympathy notes, and thinking of you cards, as well as coordinating our clinic’s online store.

She’s an active member of her church praise band, passionate about missions, and loves to spend time with her family. Kaitlin also takes pleasure in creating crafts and enjoys the great outdoors. While Kaitlin and her husband don’t currently have any pets, they formerly owned a lovely female pit bull. The couple hopes to share their home with another “bully breed” dog in the future.

Leah Lanier
Pet Groomer

Leah’s entire life has revolved around animals. Growing up in Valdosta, Georgia with her brother and sister, Leah brought home her first stray dog when she was five years old. Every Easter, Leah received chicks, rabbits, and guinea pigs from her grandmother. Leah has always loved to be outdoors, as her father’s parents had a farm near Savannah, Georgia. In fact, Leah’s first job was mucking stalls for her horse trainer. Leah’s familiarity with different types of animals gave her a wonderful foundation for her pet grooming career!

Leah began her pet grooming career at a large corporate grooming salon in Greenville, South Carolina. After completing grooming school in Union, South Carolina, Leah worked at the corporate salon for several more years. Seeking better hours, she came to Verdin Veterinary Services, where she has been grooming ever since. With 20 years total grooming experience, Leah can confidently groom dogs of different breeds and coat types. On any given day, Leah might give a Labrador retriever a bath, clip and scissor a poodle to the breed standard, and give a rambunctious puppy his first-ever haircut. Leah might even groom a client’s cat on occasion. Leah enjoys the variety of animals she sees every day, and she values her coworkers’ expertise as well.Leah’s family includes two children, a daughter and a son. She also has quite a few canine children. Leah counts greyhounds, whippets, Rhodesian ridgebacks, and Borzois among her canine housemates.Finally, Leah’s expertise on the grooming table has helped her to achieve impressive results in the show ring. Over the years, several of her dogs have become finished champions. Leah’s dogs have also proven to be canine athletes, achieving great results on the often-challenging coursing field.

Rebekah Verdin
Practice Manager

Rebekah was born in Northern Ireland, and moved to a town near Glasgow, Scotland when she was four. Next, Rebekah’s family moved to Allentown, Pennsylvania, as her Presbyterian minister father wanted to establish a church there. After Rebekah graduated from high school, she moved to Greenville for further education. Meeting Andrew while he was in vet school changed the course of her life for sure! Transitioning from her teaching career, Rebekah joined the practice in 2009 and was trained first as a veterinary receptionist, after which she moved into Eloise Verdin’s former office manager role.

Rebekah most enjoys interacting with the clients and their pets, and considers the hospital’s staff more like family than employees. Each week, she juggles many tasks to keep the practice running smoothly: inventory management, marketing, human resources, and client communication.

She has always enjoyed running and outdoor activities. In her limited spare time, she also enjoys reading, trying new recipes, and scrapbooking so she can remember the milestones in her two little girls’ lives. Naturally, Rebekah and Andrew share their home with furry children as well. They shower love on their five sweet rescue cats, Teacake, Sunshine, Spot, Callie Lou, and Marshy.


Nicole Ince
Veterinary Technician/Customer Care Representative

Nicole was surrounded by animals constantly while growing up here in Simpsonville. She had a particular fascination with a television show called Emergency Vets, and the program inspired her to pursue veterinary medicine herself. Nicole’s passion hasn’t wavered—now, she’s a member of the Integrity team and plans on continuing her studies in the world of animal care!

Nicole earned her Bachelor’s degree in biology from Bob Jones University and graduated in the spring of 2013. Currently, she’s taking online classes through Penn Foster College to obtain her Veterinary Technician certification. Once she becomes licensed, Nicole plans on continuing toward her ultimate goal: attending veterinary school to become a practicing veterinarian! Here at the hospital, Nicole enjoys the constantly changing nature of her work; no two days are ever quite the same. She has a special passion for surgical work, and even hopes to specialize in surgery during veterinary school.

When she has time outside of work, Nicole enjoys reading, working on puzzles, cross-stitching, and spending time with her own pets at home. She has a Cockapoo named Copper, a playful Malti-poo who goes by Trevor, and a lazy tabby cat named Simba. Nicole and her family also keep a large freshwater fish tank in their home and are currently raising three goats named Andrew, Annie, and Carmel.

Ashley Hughes
Veterinary Technician

Ashley started as a Summer Intern in 2016. In August 2016, she joined the Verdin/Integrity Family.

Working with animals has always been her passion. From the time she was able to walk, her parents would find her in the goat pastures. She would stay there until they made her come in! Animals have had a special way of making her feel comfortable.

In 2007 Ashley started showing Boer meat goats with the local and state 4-H. Rocky, her first show goat, was her best friend! They had a connection that was very noticeable. After finishing his show season, Ashley kept Rocky as a pet. About 3-4 years later, Rocky became very sick, and had lost over 75% of body weight. Ashley worked with him for almost 6 weeks with little improvements before realizing that she had never continued to work his legs and muscles. After six more weeks of physical therapy, she had her best friend up walking again. That is when she knew she not only wanted to work with animals, she needed to!

Ashley first started volunteering at clinics during the summer and school breaks. Then, in 2011 she was able to start working in a clinic as a kennel keeper, and was slowly introduced to vet medicine, where she fell further in love with the profession. In 2013, she was trained as a tech assistant. When she started looking for a clinic to obtain a full-time position, she considered Verdin Vet. Ashley’s grandmother and family used Verdin 30 years before.

Ashley really enjoys assisting in surgery. She loves being able to learn something new with each procedure. It keeps her mind sharp to look for anything abnormal in lab work and to assist with monitoring anesthesia machines. She also has a growing interest in radiology.

Ashley grew up in Laurens, SC with both parents and a sister. She now lives with her husband Brooks, Daisy May, her 12 year old Basset Hound, Hank, her 2 year old pit mix/rescue baby, and 6 goats (Lizzy, Baby, Blondie, Mary Jane, Snickers, and Ranger).

Danielle Walsh
Veterinary Technician

Danielle began working for Integrity Animal Health Group in March 2018. She made the decision to switch from Equine back to small animal when she found out she was expecting her first child.

Danielle has always loved animals but, from a young age she felt more connected with animals than people. It started with her love for horses; she loves being an advocate for animals that don’t have a voice. One of the first horse farms where she rode as a young girl had a very temperamental horse named Tiny Tim. Most of the children were scared of him because he would bite and sometimes kick. But for some reason Danielle was not afraid and developed a relationship with him. Danielle’s mother saw at that moment that she would have a special relationship with animals her whole life.

Growing up on Long Island, NY in a single parent home, Danielle feels privileged to have a terrific role model and best friend of a mother. Her mother’s influences were strong and instilled a strong work ethic, good morals and perseverance throughout life.

Danielle started her educational journey at Becker College, MS, for a Veterinary Technician degree. After working with both equine and small animals, she took a break to teach horse-back riding and become a horse trainer. She returned to school at North Carolina State University in 2009 to finish her Bachelors in Science/Animal Science and applied to vet school. After graduation, she unfortunately did not get into her top choices the first time, so she decided to pursue her love/family life instead of trying again.

One of her particular passions within veterinary medicine is sports medicine and lameness. She finds it challenging and rewarding when coming up with a treatment plan that helps relieve the animal of pain and discomfort.

Danielle’s dog Zach is a Collie/Shepherd mix they adopted in a shelter in Charlotte, NC. He was 7 months old and had some emotional baggage. With the help of a great trainer, he is a happy, tail wagging, cat chasing, paw patrolling the backyard kind of pup. She and her husband also have a 3 year old cat Theo who thinks he is a baby! In the backyard you will find a variety of chickens that they raise and love very much. Her horse Halla lives at a barn down the road and has been with Danielle for 17 years.

Her all time favorite hobby has always been her horses: riding, training, and just being around them. However, her newest hobby is being a chicken momma; she and her husband started with 3 and now have over 20!

Lynne Long
Veterinary Assistant

Lynne has always harbored a deep passion for animal care, and wishes she could adopt every single pet in need of a home. She’s wanted to work with animals for almost 12 years, and is absolutely thrilled that her dreams in the veterinary field are finally coming true! She serves as a Veterinary Assistant at Integrity.

A South Carolina native, Lynne was referred to the clinic by her neighbor, who also works here. Lynne began as a Veterinary Assistant in June of 2014. She’s particularly fond of drawing up medications for pets, holding animals while they’re getting vaccines, and lending a helping hand to anyone in the office.At home, Lynne and her family have six dogs: Bit, Benji, Buddy, Bella, Joe, and Max. They’re all very different, and each holds a special place in Lynne’s heart.Outside of her work, family, and pets, Lynne loves crafting and recently learned how to transfer a photograph onto a canvas. She also likes grilling, camping, swimming, and roasting marshmallows around a toasty fire with her two children.

Brittany Ganey
Veterinary Technician

Brittany joined the Integrity team in June 2017. Ever since she was a little girl, she felt sure she wanted to work with animals, and possibly be a veterinarian. She has had all kinds of animals – from Chinchillas to horses – and loves them all. She decided that she would love to be a technician and take care of animals full-time, so she went to school to further her education as a veterinary technician.

 Her heart goes out to animals, especially the neglected ones. For example, she and her husband caught sight of an extremely skinny dog running down the street on their way home from work one evening. They immediately stopped and were trying to get the dog in their vehicle so they could seek veterinary care. It took a while for the dog to trust them enough to cooperate, but they were finally able to get him in the car and take him to the Animal Emergency Clinic – the only facility open that late on a weekend. After getting him back to a measure of good health, she was able to successfully find a group who connected her to another rescue located in New York, and they found his forever home. When he was rescued, he was just skin and bones, weighing 42lbs, and within just a few months, he had reached over 80lbs, happy and healthy!!  

Brittany grew up in Fort Myers, Florida. She is from a very loving family who always supported her 100%. She has a clear memory of her dad outside with her when she was riding her horse, helping her train and practice and pushing her to be the best she could be.

One of the highlights of her job is her love of building relationships, not only with our patients but with their owners. She enjoys educating clients so they have the resources they need to provide the best care for their fur babies.

Brittany and her husband have 4 fur babies, two cats and two dogs. Nala, their cat, was their first pet together, and she knows she is the princess! After marriage, they got their first dog Boomer, a boxer who is such a momma’s boy, very sweet, calm, and loving. Next in line is Chubs, their second cat; he was a rescue kitten whom Brittany nursed back to health and decided to keep. Finally, they acquired Remi, another boxer. He is their wild child, very stubborn and independent, super jealous of his brother Boomer. They actually share the same dad.

When Brittany is not working, she enjoys doing anything outdoors. She and her husband love to hike or just be in the mountains to relax. They love to explore new places with their dogs. Kayaking and paddle boarding are probably their most favorite activities.

Jessica Menig
Customer Care Representative/Veterinary Technician

Jessica started working at Integrity in June 2017. After practicing as a Registered Dietitian for 7 years, she decided to embark upon a career change to veterinary medicine. A shadowing experience at Integrity turned into a full-time position on the team in which Jessica is being trained as a technician!

Jessica has always been passionate about caring for animals. At a young age, she started her own dog walking business and walking neighborhood dogs every day after school. She clearly remembers thinking how cool it would be to have a job as an adult that allows you to be with animals every day.

She has decided to work in the veterinary field because she wants to improve the health and welfare of animals by being an advocate and care taker for pets. She is very intrigued by the learning the pathophysiology of diseases and figuring out the root cause of the problem to find the best way to restore the pet’s health. Jessica started her journey in the veterinary field by becoming a volunteer at the Greenville County Animal Shelter. She then interviewed local veterinarians and veterinary technicians and shadowed at various clinics to gain insight.

She grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago, Illinois with my mom, dad, 2 sisters, and of course their family dogs. She has always been an athlete and interested in good health and nutrition. Jessica actually studied dietetics at the University of Illinois and moved to Greenville SC for her first job as a dietitian in a pediatric clinic.

Jessica and her boyfriend Justin have three dogs. Lexi and Gunner became ‘friends’ at the dog park which led Justin and Jessica to meet each other! They are best friends, as long as Lexi doesn’t have to share her toys. They found Caroline a few years later in their front yard as a neglected stray dog. They rehabbed her back to good health and she has been a member of the family ever since.

Her favorite hobby is running and her greatest highlight in that area was completing the Chicago Marathon in October 2016. Her next goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Jessica also loves to cook, especially homemade pizza dough, pastas, and baked goods.


Zane Moore
Kennel Technician

Zane’s position at Integrity Animal Health is that of a Kennel Technician. He was introduced to the practice through his father, Dr. Daniel Moore.

Zane loves working with and being around animals. He credits his early love of veterinary medicine to a time when he was watching one of the veterinarians do surgery. Right in that moment, he knew he wanted to be able to also help animals.

His experiences in a veterinary clinic began when Zane would help his dad from time to time by letting the dogs out of the kennels. He became a part of a previous clinic his dad worked at by helping take care of the dogs. Zane finally became an employee at Verdin Veterinary Services (now Integrity) as a kennel technician.

One of his greatest areas of interest is helping with ultrasounds because he thinks the technology is incredible! He enjoys gently holding the dogs during the procedure because it strengthens his bond with them.

Zane grew up in Waycross, Georgia. He lives with his parents, one older brother, and two younger sisters. Zane’s dog, Aspen, will eat just about anything, and their other family pet, a small dog named Cinder, can escape from just about anywhere!

His hobbies include playing soccer and engaging in fun outdoor activities. In fact, during one of his soccer games, he actually scored a goal with his derriẽre!

Nancy Lyles
Customer Care Representative

Having just recently moved to the area, Nancy was concerned about getting her fur babies set up with a new vet. Integrity Animal Health Group was recommended to her. At Nancy’s initial visit with Dr. Verdin, he asked if she would consider working with the team. She came in to the practice as a pet owner for a vet appointment and left an employee!

Nancy’s passions include meeting and connecting with people and being around animals, so her work with Integrity is a perfect fit because it allows her to do both. She really enjoys seeing all the different breeds of dogs and cats and their distinct personalities. She is driven by the challenge of a fast-paced practice and making clients feel welcome and valued.

On a personal note, Nancy lived her entire childhood and adult life in Indianapolis, Indiana, the youngest of five siblings. She moved to Simpsonville, SC in November 2017 to be married. Jon and Nancy have 6 adult children between them! Not surprisingly, they also have two Australian Labradoodles, Maggie and Tootsie. Her hobbies include reading, cooking, and spending time with her family.
Nancy loves to remind those around her that “You miss 100% of the dogs you don’t pet!”

Danyon Moore
Technical Assistant

Danyon began working at Integrity in 2014 as a kennel technician. After doing that job for about 4 years, he moved into his current role as a technician assistant. His dad, Dr. Daniel Moore, is a veterinarian, so Danyon has grown up being around veterinary medicine.

He started shadowing his dad when he was 14, and then began working in the kennels before moving into his current role (technician assistant). One inspirational event that stands out in Danyon’s mind within the field of veterinary medicine was a medical emergency at his dad’s previous veterinary practice in Georgia. Around 1 o’clock in the morning, he was in awe watching his dad perform an emergency pyometra. Seeing an animal survive a life-threatening situation was amazing and inspired Danyon to do something meaningful for others and their furry friends!

Danyon enjoys spending time with pets and their owners. He has made more relationships than he could ever have imagined, and he loves having the ability to help both the owners and pets.

After spending most of his early years in Waycross, GA, Danyon moved to Athens, GA with his family while his father was in veterinary school, before finally moving here to the Upstate in late 2012.

Danyon is an avid sports fan and loves anything to do with Georgia (GO DAWGS).  He has played football and baseball, but soccer is his primary passion.

Alexandra Tankersley
Veterinary Technician

Alexandra is excited to be part of the Integrity Animal Health Group family. She has been a Veterinary Technician for the past 8 years and joined Integrity Animal Health Group in October 2018 after working at the Animal Emergency Clinic in Greenville for 5 years. Alex recently completed her degree as a Veterinary Technician through an online distant learning program. The online learning program afforded her the opportunity to be at home raising her young boys and work full time. During that time, she also became Fear Free certified. She and her husband currently reside in Simpsonville, SC with their two boys, five dogs and two cats.

Completing her degree as a Veterinary Technician enabled Alex to determine the difference between the disease and the disease process. She not only learned the skills needed to be a Veterinary Technician, but more importantly the “why” we do what we do. Alex wanted to further her education and skill level to make a significant positive impact on both her patients and clients. The additional education and training have truly made her the Technician she is today. The most enjoyable part of Veterinary medicine for Alex is the challenge that comes with not knowing what may walk through the door next. Watching patients that were once near death being ultimately able to walk out of the door with their families is a feeling beyond compare.

While growing up in South Florida, Alex was exposed to many species which sparked her love for animals. She was that child who wanted to nurse every sick or injured critter she brought home; she knew soon after that she wanted to continue helping animals in the future. Her parents were always supportive and encouraged Alex’s love and compassion towards animals. One specific event that inspired her direction to the veterinary field was when she saved the money she received for her thirteenth birthday to purchase her own dog: a Lhasa Apso, name Angel. Shortly after getting her, Alex’s grandparents, who no longer could live on their own, moved in with the family. As the years progressed, Angel became more attached to her grandparents, and a strong companionship was developed. Although she was only ten pounds, Angel became very protective over anyone who entered her grandparents’ room.  Unfortunately, on Veteran’s Day, Alex’s grandfather passed away, leaving her grandmother and Angel. Angel quickly became an exceptional companion. Observing the bond they both shared, Alex felt sure that God had intended a stronger companionship between animals and man than originally thought to be conceivable. Witnessing their relationship helped Alex unfold a deeper compassion towards elderly people caring for their pets.

Heather Moore
Customer Care Representative

Bio coming soon!

Laura White
Customer Care Representative/Technical Assistant

Laura had been working at another practice for close to 10 years and honestly thought that she would be working there until it was time to retire. However, the Lord started whispering to her heart that He had something else planned for her. Not knowing where to even begin looking, she sat down one Saturday afternoon and wrote up her resume and sent it out to three local practices. To her surprise, all three contacted her for an interview. She had a talk with God and let Him know that she needed Him to make it crystal clear where He wanted her to be. After meeting Rebekah, Dr. Verdin, and Dr. Moore, Laura knew the answer was Integrity Animal Health Group!

The obvious answer for why she became a veterinary professional is because of her love for animals, right? Laura told her parents when she was a child that she wanted to be a veterinarian. However, she did not actively pursue that dream and ended up in the Restaurant Management Industry for most of her adult life. Flash forward to January 2008, when she accepted Jesus as her Savior and realized that the dream she had as a child was placed in her heart by her Creator and that was her purpose in life.

The trajectory of Laura’s story may have been altered because as a young child seeing a family friend lose their beloved pet, she came to the conclusion that she could never do that (put a pet to sleep) and so she let go of her dream to be a veterinarian. However, when we get off course, God has a way to get us back on track! He used two little wiener dogs named Oscar and Lola to get her attention again. After the loss of her own pet, Laura adopted Oscar and Lola from a family, and over time developed a relationship with this family. In turn, they invited her to church and after hearing the message that she mattered to God, she wanted to learn more. She continued going to church and 3 weeks later she accepted Jesus into her life. The more she learned about His love and purpose for her, the more she realized that restaurant management wasn’t His call on her life. She took a huge leap of faith and walked away from the restaurant industry to pursue a career in the veterinary field. One thing she learned early on in her faith journey is that if you are in God’s will then He will provide all that you need!

Laura is passionate about her profession because she enjoys getting to know the pets and their different personalities. She also likes getting to know the clients and building a relationship with them. She likes being able to educate clients to better assist them in caring for their pets. She really loves being part of the team that helps sick pets get better.

As far as her personal origins, Laura is the middle child of three born to a Military Father and mother. As a child, her family moved several times and that translated into her early adult life until she reached South Carolina where she has been since 1994. She spent time in Anderson and Greenwood before landing in Greenville in 2007.

When she’s not working, Laura enjoys reading or watching a good movie. She also enjoys the fellowship she shares with her small group from church. She likes being able to help others. The Lord has blessed her more than she could have ever imagined, and she just wants to be a blessing to others!

Tonya Ashley
Licensed Veterinary Technician

Tonya graduated in 1998 with her veterinary technical degree from Tri-County Technical College in Pendleton, SC. After working for 15 years at a mixed animal practice, she decided to venture out and explore the emergency side of the veterinary field. Then, in October 2018, she joined our Integrity Team!

As a young child, she was an animal lover and decided to pursue this passion by joining the veterinary field. Growing up with a mother who bred Border collies, Tonya remembers a specific time when she had to help a whelping puppy, and this early experience further encouraged her to continue the path of helping animals.
Tonya loves the diversity of her occupation because of the unexpected challenges that may arise even in a day. She also really enjoys the client/patient relationships that develop over the years of caring for their fur babies!
Raised in a small town near Anderson, SC, Tonya spent her childhood with her mother and older brother. She was consistently surrounded by animals.

Tonya, her husband, and their two children live on a farm with two dogs, one cat, a bearded dragon and a variety of chickens! They enjoy spending time outdoors, hiking, camping and kayaking during free time. One of her proudest achievements includes LVT of the year in 2010 for South Carolina.