Our caring and compassionate veterinarian team!

Dr. Andrew Verdin

Andrew’s early exposure to veterinary medicine includes a story straight from the pages of James Herriot’s “All Creatures Great and Small.” Andrew is the son of Dr. Verdin, founder of Verdin Veterinary Services. One warm summer evening, when Andrew was just a small boy, he accompanied his father to a farm call around dusk. Andrew stood by and watched his father help a mama cow birth her little calf. While Andrew had been on farm calls before, this particular evening holds a special memory for him. When he enjoys a quiet evening right around dusk, he recalls that memory that helped to shape his career as a veterinarian!

Andrew is a Simpsonville, South Carolina native, and his parents launched Verdin Veterinary Services there in 1966. While he received regular exposure to veterinary medicine during his childhood, he didn’t really want to be a veterinarian. Instead, Andrew studied marketing and sales in college, and worked in that field for three years. Ultimately, he wasn’t fulfilled by that career path, as he felt God had given him a greater calling. Eventually, he realized he was meant to be a veterinarian, and earned his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. Andrew joined Verdin Veterinary Services in May 2010, and he’s currently one of four full-time doctors at the Simpsonville practice location. Each veterinarian has specific areas of interest, and Andrew is especially drawn to dermatology. He also enjoys preventative medicine. By giving his patients animal wellness checkups, along with helping them to manage their nutrition and weight, he provides them with an excellent chance to live a longer, healthier life with their pet parents. Andrew, his wife Rebekah, and their two daughters live in a nearby rural area. Andrew savors the beautiful countryside by taking long walks with his family, and he also takes pleasure in working in the yard. During the summer months, Andrew likes to water ski and enjoy the nearby lake. The family is also thankful to be a part of a vibrant church community. Finally, Andrew’s family wouldn’t be complete without at least one pet. They enjoy their five rescue cats: Spot, TeaCake, Marshy, Sunshine, and Callie Lou. These beloved pets seem to thoroughly relish the love and attention they receive as part of this animal-loving family.

Dr. Daniel Moore

Daniel’s first veterinary medicine job showed him that veterinarians work on many species of animals. Working at a southeast Georgia animal clinic, Daniel often saw dogs, cats, horses, and cows on the patient appointment schedule. In addition, the veterinarians saw bears, deer, ostriches, and bobcats on occasion. While Daniel was originally hired as a kennel employee, he eventually picked up veterinary assistant, receptionist, and grooming skills as well. Looking back, Daniel realized that his diverse introduction to veterinary medicine helped to shape the career that he loves today!

Growing up in Waycross, Georgia, Daniel inherited a strong work ethic from his two industrious parents. His two sisters are also very gifted. While attending high school and college, Daniel worked many hours at the aforementioned animal clinic. However, Daniel felt that he couldn’t make the commitment to the long hours and hard work required for veterinary school. Very reluctantly, Daniel left the veterinary profession to work in several businesses owned by his father.However, Daniel couldn’t shake the idea of a veterinary career, and he returned to his original employer, this time with a more well-rounded set of skills. Daniel became a Registered Veterinary Technician, which opened up many more patient care doors for him. On one chaotic afternoon, the exam rooms and lobby were filled, and Daniel had a patient on the surgery table. He suddenly realized that he loved this career, as it perfectly melded his passions of animals and science. Daniel also enjoyed working with people.Fortunately, Daniel’s employer, who also became his professional mentor, urged Daniel to enroll in veterinary school. After receiving his Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from Valdosta State University, Daniel earned his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Georgia. During veterinary school, Daniel met Andrew Verdin and Reid Wilkins, two classmates who were also members of the Christian Veterinary Fellowship club. While the three had talked about practicing together after graduation, Daniel purchased a solo practice near his extended family. Daniel’s heavy workload compromised his family life, and he eventually sold that practice, joining Verdin Veterinary Services in September 2012.While Daniel enjoys the challenges of surgery, he has recently become a fan of internal medicine cases. Daniel loves to put on his detective hat, analyzing a patient’s puzzling symptoms, and digging deep until he finds their source. When Daniel’s not helping clients and pets, he enjoys life with his wife of 17 years and their four talented children. Three of the children have already expressed their desire to become veterinarians, and Daniel’s oldest son has been working in the practice’s office and kennel. Daniel and his family are also involved in their church and give credit to their Lord Jesus Christ for all of his blessings including the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful profession. Daniel also coaches his children in football, baseball, and soccer. Whenever possible, the family rejuvenates their spirits by spending a few days at the ocean. Finally, Daniel’s family has kept dogs, cats, horses, and an assortment of other pets over the years. Currently, the family cares for two hermit crabs and an Australian shepherd named Aspen, who doesn’t believe he’s a dog at all. Also, Daniel still has fond memories of his first dog, Bo, a big black Labrador retriever who became Daniel’s best friend. Daniel credits Bo with helping to spark his love for animals, which eventually led Daniel to his veterinary career.

Dr. D.B. Verdin
Former Practice Owner

Dr. Verdin has been able to achieve that rare combination of deep, personal passion and career success. In 1966, he started Verdin Veterinary Services from a desire to dedicate his life to agriculture, a vocation near to his heart since his family had been farmers for generations. Dr. Verdin was also influenced by his strong Christian faith, and desired to use his God-given gifts to help his animal patients and their loving owners. He truly feels that his veterinary work is a form of worship. After many years, Dr. Verdin’s successful practice has allowed him the freedom to return to the land he loves!

Born in Greenville County, South Carolina, Dr. Verdin became familiar with farm operations and farm animals while he was growing up. After graduating from high school, he studied pre-vet at Clemson University, and was then accepted to the University of Georgia School of Veterinary Medicine. After Dr. Verdin’s graduation from veterinary school, he spent two years in the United States Air Force. Finally returning home to South Carolina, Dr. Verdin hung up his shingle in Simpsonville, South Carolina. Dr. Verdin founded the practice back in 1966 is now fully retired after 46 years of service to the pets and community. While Dr. Verdin has treated thousands of animal patients over the years, a few stand out in his mind. Since he was familiar with farm animal medicine, he found himself operating on a pig that had injured himself. Dr. Verdin resolved the pig’s medical problem, and his porcine patient recovered very nicely. The pig’s owner expressed his appreciation by bringing Dr. Verdin several packages of delicious sausages. Dr. Verdin delights in spending time with his 4 children and 14 grandchildren. His oldest son operates a feed and seed store, while his oldest daughter has entered the nursing profession. Andrew Verdin has now stepped into the veterinary practice, while Dr. Verdin’s youngest daughter enjoys being a mother and homemaker. Dr. Verdin reads as much as possible, especially about Southern history. He also spends time growing vegetables and fruit trees, and produces his own hay as well.Visitors to Dr. Verdin’s farm will likely encounter his mule and two donkeys. He also keeps a pair of peafowl, known for their colorful feathers and other-worldly vocalizations. A pair of bantam chickens and 12 goats round out the complement of Verdin farm animals.

Dr. Sara Cato

Although she is the daughter of two veterinarians and had grown up exposed to all facets of the veterinary medical profession, Sara originally wanted to blaze her own trail and study other fields during college. That all changed when she started working with her mother during breaks from school—it didn’t take long for Sara to realize just how much she enjoyed the challenging yet rewarding world of animal care! Sara is proud to now serve the pets and animal owners of the community as an Associate Veterinarian with Verdin Veterinary Services.

Sara grew up in rural Georgia, where she and her brother spent time with everything from dogs and cats to donkeys, goats, and wildlife while growing up. She attended both undergraduate and veterinary school at the University of Georgia in Athens, then headed to Atlanta to complete a year-long internship at Georgia Veterinary Specialists. Sara Cato then began practicing at a nearby veterinary clinic, where she would remain for three years before relocating to Greenville.Having met several members of the Verdin Veterinary Services family during her time in veterinary school, Sara was thrilled to have the opportunity to join the team as the clinic grew. She has special passions for internal medicine, ophthalmology, and animal behavior; Sara’s own rambunctious dog, Lulu, has shown her firsthand the true value of behavioral science!In addition to Lulu, Sara shares her life with a dog named Danny, adopted back in 2005.

Sara has also taken additional training to become Fear Free certified recently. The training and certification program helps veterinarians modify their procedures, handling, and facilities to help pets feel safe and comfortable while receiving the medical care they need.

When she’s not spending time with her own pups or caring for the pets of Simpsonville here at the clinic, Sara enjoys hiking, swimming, reading, baking, and traveling.

Dr. Brent Goodson

Dr. Brent Goodson has owned pets ever since he was a young boy growing up in southwestern Georgia. He’s always had a passion for animal care, and loves to solve problems—veterinary medicine allows him to combine both in one rewarding career! Dr. Goodson is proud to use his skillset to better the lives of Simpsonville’s pets and animal owners here at Verdin Veterinary Services.

Dr. Goodson earned his veterinary degree from the University of Georgia in Athens; it was there that he first met his wife, Laura, who is a veterinarian herself! After graduation, he worked in mixed-animal care in Walhalla, South Carolina before purchasing a practice in central Georgia with his wife. The couple lived there for several years, during which time Dr. Goodson developed a passion and appreciation for emergency and critical care. He sold his practice and moved to Augusta to work in an after-hours emergency clinic, then relocated once again to Greenville, South Carolina, where he would spend nine years at the local emergency practice.When he found that his long hours were competing with family time more than he would like, Dr. Goodson decided to make a change. That’s when a position became available here at Verdin Veterinary Services—Dr. Goodson was thrilled to join the caring, compassionate clinic team as an Associate Veterinarian! He’s particularly fond of soft-tissue surgery and still enjoys working in fast-paced critical care.When he’s not tending to pets’ needs here at the hospital, Dr. Goodson enjoys dabbling in automotive mechanics; hiking, camping, and fishing in the great outdoors; performing mission work for his church; and going on family trips. He and Laura have two wonderful children: their son, Garrett, wants to be a paleontologist when he grows up, and daughter Bryce would like to be an author and an animal trainer.The Goodsons share their lives with several pets of their own. They have two bulldog mixes, Catfish and Taz, as well as a pair of elderly cats named Sissy and Spooky. The family also cares for six chickens as well as Laura’s horse, Lena.

Dr. Anna Hoeft

Dr. Anna Hoeft joined our Integrity Veterinary team in early Spring 2018. She came to our practice after working in emergency medicine at the Animal Emergency Clinic in Greenville from 2006 to 2017. Having known Dr. Andrew Verdin when he externed at the AEC, she was impressed with the quality of medicine, patient care, and commitment to clients exhibited at Integrity Animal Health.

A native of Greenville, Anna has also lived in Monroe, North Carolina. Her extended family is quite large, although she is an only child. She and her husband Stephen (who works for Michelin) have two children: a twelve year old daughter, Corinne, who loves dance, and a ten year old son, Beckett, whose interests include karate, basketball, soccer, history, and music. Her family wouldn’t be complete, however, without her three sweet fur babies. Willie, her eight year old GSP, gives the best hugs; seven year old Lula is passionate about dock diving; and her “teenage” eleven month old Eddie is always getting into some kind of trouble!!

Anna’s journey in veterinary medicine began with a BS in Public Health followed by an MS in Clinical Nutrition from NYU in 1996. She worked as a registered dietitian in North and South Carolina before attending TUSVM to fulfill her ultimate goal of focusing on animal care. She wanted to be able to make a real impact on the health of companion animals and promote the human-animal bond!
After graduation from veterinary school, Anna completed an internship in Rochester, NY, and then stayed on as an emergency attending clinician. Her family relocated back to SC due to her husband’s job change. In 2006, she began working in emergency medicine, and then later provided relief services to area veterinarians.

Her professional passions are internal medicine and emergency. She loves to be able to successfully stabilize a patient and improve his/her quality of life. Personally, Anna enjoyed long-distance running in the past and now loves Hot Power Yoga and Barre. Of course, she greatly enjoys spending time with her family and friends, as well as music, travel, reading, and even knitting!